Feb 09

Dating via Social Media

Photoshop or no photoshop? What angle best suits your selfie? What should I caption

this? Swipe right if you wanna get to know each other.


Dating via social media through a conscious creators eyes—or should I say


First thing is first: Nurture Yourself

We must establish a respectful and nurturing intention, through all aspects we endure

through life. Nothing is different, when working through social media. Respect and care for your

body [whatever that means to you!]. Style your profile authentically to your passions and

purposes, but always in an optimistic fashion. The Universe has access to your Facebook

account, believe it or not. Post what you are proud of. Post what you love about yourself and

that will be magnified.

Project your goodness and goodness is what will be. Release your insecurities and

worries [not via social media…like Yoga or buy a Vent journal or something]. You will attract

positive and sustainable connections through positively perception projecting.

Imagine all of the doors are open to you via social media, because in actuality—they are.

Your imagination, interests, and wonderful ideas are to be honored and expressed! The

vibration you create is what you will attract, and to strategically attract what your heart most

desires, you must be honest with your heart first.

If you are new to conscious social media dating or networking, have patience with the

growth process. You are worthy of desirable connections, simply continue to honor and nurture

yourself and your abundance of positive attributes. The more you honor your strengths, the

stronger they will grow, and the more they will be admired. Focus on your positive attributes and

others will do the same. Utilize social media to shower others with authentic love and healing,

and that is what you will receive in return.

Visualize and feel the connection your heart desires to attract—feel that heart-to-heart

connection. Discover what you intend to allow into your social media platform.

Intention! Intention! Intention!

Devote your social media projections to what ignites your joy. Your inner self will feel

loved and well-cared for, therefore investing assertively into the energy you are creating. When

potential connectors approach your platform, they will immediately feel your beautiful light

vibration and instantly be attracted to it.

Release ego-pattern perfectionism. Be discerning with the energies that you permit into

your platform, for low-frequency carriers will alter your social media magnitude. If a low-

frequency carrier sneaks into your space, focus on raising your vibration: meditate, take a walk

in nature, journal about your hearts desires.

Let Go

Release the urge to force connections into occurring—such actions push against the

universal flow of love and abundance, as well as creating frustrations and blockages. Let go of

anything undesirable and trust the universe is on your side for your greatest good.

Release the urge to appear perfect, and replace that space with enjoyment and

fearlessness. Understand that riding your joy will always manifest your best connections.

Revamp your social media platforms, so that they adequately measure the type of

relationships you desire to attract. It never hurts to integrate romantic songs or blush colors that

inspire compassionate connecting.


Your answers reside within your creativity and playfulness, so get inspired and

have fun! You are worthy of love and understanding, so give it to yourself first.

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