Nov 03

Have a PC Holiday: Developing Your Seasonal Posts to Engage, Not Offend

Gone are the days of wishing someone a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, and while you may identify with a particular faith and a wish to bestow your excitement of a celebration with your network of people, carrying over this practice to your business in this modern age, will most certainly damage your business.

But before you start to panic, feeling out of your league in this PC-world, we want to give you a user-friendly guide to expounding on the seasonal joy to facilitate the happiness of your customers and to keep them that way. Trust us, it’s short!

These are the holiday dates on tap for the coming year, which you can feel free to acknowledge on your social media sites.

December 2015 Holidays

7th: The first day of Hannukah
8th: Rohatsu (Bodhi Day) ** – Buddhist
23rd: Mawlid an Nabi * – Islam ( begins sundown on 22)
24th: Christmas Eve
25th: Christmas
26th: First Day of Kwanza/Navidad

With the diversity we’ve mentioned above and the ever-changing landscape of our population, It’s not hard to see why it’s so important to cater your business to everyone on the ethnic spectrum.

This explains the recent surge of businesses adopting the use of “Happy Holidays”, and why it is so critical to use it yourself when you are posting around the holiday season.

You can also extend a message to your social media followers who celebrate particular holidays, but this is tricky to accomplish and if you are not careful, you may wind up offending your existing clientele and those ready to make a purchase–those you have unintentionally excluded by the very strategy of attempting to be more inclusive. So even though wishing your customers happy holidays, might feel a tad generic, this greeting acknowledges you understand and respect the many people who do shop with you, and that you are able to separate conducting business from your personal convictions.

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