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Utilizing the Law of Attraction through Social Media Sites… Attract Who You Want to do Business with!

Dear fellow creators of life experience,

As we have already intuitively comprehended: The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration apply to all spectrums of universal life form. With the global coverage of social media platform, we must understand how to utilize these two laws for the greatest good.

The words we speak have energetic frequencies and carry the ability to align our experiences, emotions, and thought processes. We must integrate consciousness of these laws in the name of Source and Love.

Social Media is a utensil to increase your manifestation rituals, as well as raise the vibrational frequency of society on Earth.

The more authenticity and intention you possess, the more your social media platform will blossom.

Intend to be an oasis of joy and passion, for joy and genuine passion has the highest vibration that will attract an abundance of loyalty and support. Joy resides within your essence of truth—intend to express your pureness and you will attract an audience of soul-followers and networkers. Fearlessly expressing your passions will better your relationship with the community you’re constructing and help it stay alive, exciting, and prospering.

Everyone involved with the experience you’re manifesting will be replenished with the highest form of energy you are initiating. Achieve this through mindfulness—the colors and design of your platform creates the feng shui. This is yet another tool you can consciously use to benefit your desired outcome.

Do not create ideologies what you think people want to see—that is not your truth. Do not fear the imaginative wonderland streaming from your infinite power of Love.

Joy has the power to abolish any blockages your platform may endure, and captivate all of your desires.

Social Media has been drawn into the bothersome nature of egos, by focusing upon drama. Social Media is global and conveniently manipulated to spread melodramatic sagas that elevate fear-bodies.

Be cautious not to entertain this, and instead—decide to detach your mission from drama entirely.

To properly manifest your positive passions and imaginations, release the pursuit of making everyone happy. To rapidly manifest, one must dwell in the highest energetic living [induced by joy].

If you dwell in compassion, an audience of warm, Love and heart-space connection will be energetically drawn to you.

Bring your intentions to creative consciousness, focus solely on that, and that is what will be.

You have prosperous, knowledgeable and healing wisdom. Remain playful with your interests and creative prudence, and continue to learn from diving deeper into it. The Universe is here to support you, as you pass your awareness to others.

Thoth [traditionally pronounced Te-HO-tet] is the Egyptian god of writing, manifestation, astronomy, and esoteric arts. Consult Thoth for assistance in regards to any writing endeavor, or to gain further understanding and proficiency with manifestation principles.

Feb 02

Manifestation Marketing

So, you’ve attracted your desired lover, your desired social media platform and

community. Now, we are going to dive a little deeper into manifesting marketing for your


The most important skill that is necessary to possess here is imagination. Manifestation

is about releasing your egotistical 3D world view, and playing pretend. The more you

incorporate your imagination, visualization and emotional skills—the more successful your

manifestation will be.

Determine your intention. What desired outcome would you like your business’s

marketing to attract? Feel this intention in your heart space. Focus on the emotion that outcome

would bring to you. Imagine the joy it will bring you and your employees, and how grateful you

would all be.

Now, bring that emotion and visualization to the Now. This is when your ego is really

going to have a fit. Be certain that the marketing of your business has succeeded, and you are

living in that already manifested success. Feel that joy and gratitude in the Now. This is a much

disciplined creators’ skill, so understand it will take practice to perfect. Through persistent action

and positive thoughts, your dreams are manifesting into form.


Tips to Ease Your Ego:

  • Ask Archangel Michael to cut cords of fearful attachments between you and other people or possessions.
  • Stay clear of harsh or toxic substances, environments, and relationships.
  • Honor your intuitive sensitivity and maintain a positive and abundant mindset and energy field.
  • Meditate and shield your energy field through crystal pendants.
  • Eliminate clutter and utilize feng shui or sage to clear the energy in your home or office.
  • Send loving vibrations to your clients, potential clients and employees to elevate the energy you are enduring.
  • Stay focused upon your intentions, desires, and priorities.
  • Say no to distractions and commit to your priorities.
  • Detoxify your diet to help your mind to be clear and focused.
  • To have more energy, abundance, peace, purposes, and everything that you desire, nurture yourself.
  • Trust your intuition and act accordingly.
  • Let go of perfectionism and know that you will do fine.
  • Instead of worrying, pray and use positive affirmations. Be grateful.
  • Leave any situations that you’ve outgrown, and allow the universe to support you while you make desired life changes.
  • Be assertive and say no to anyone who is overstepping boundaries with you.

The universe always supports the desire for expansion, creativity, and freedom.

Nov 03

Have a PC Holiday: Developing Your Seasonal Posts to Engage, Not Offend

Gone are the days of wishing someone a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, and while you may identify with a particular faith and a wish to bestow your excitement of a celebration with your network of people, carrying over this practice to your business in this modern age, will most certainly damage your business.

But before you start to panic, feeling out of your league in this PC-world, we want to give you a user-friendly guide to expounding on the seasonal joy to facilitate the happiness of your customers and to keep them that way. Trust us, it’s short!

These are the holiday dates on tap for the coming year, which you can feel free to acknowledge on your social media sites.

December 2015 Holidays

7th: The first day of Hannukah
8th: Rohatsu (Bodhi Day) ** – Buddhist
23rd: Mawlid an Nabi * – Islam ( begins sundown on 22)
24th: Christmas Eve
25th: Christmas
26th: First Day of Kwanza/Navidad

With the diversity we’ve mentioned above and the ever-changing landscape of our population, It’s not hard to see why it’s so important to cater your business to everyone on the ethnic spectrum.

This explains the recent surge of businesses adopting the use of “Happy Holidays”, and why it is so critical to use it yourself when you are posting around the holiday season.

You can also extend a message to your social media followers who celebrate particular holidays, but this is tricky to accomplish and if you are not careful, you may wind up offending your existing clientele and those ready to make a purchase–those you have unintentionally excluded by the very strategy of attempting to be more inclusive. So even though wishing your customers happy holidays, might feel a tad generic, this greeting acknowledges you understand and respect the many people who do shop with you, and that you are able to separate conducting business from your personal convictions.

Oct 27

Social Media Musts: Post on These Crucial Dates Around the Holidays

In 2014, businesses attributed over 19 percent of their annual sales to the holiday shopping season. You know you definitely want a slice of that pumpkin spice pie! In order to grab your wedge, we advise you to post on your social media sites on a handful of crucial holiday dates.

Black Friday, by definition, occurs on the day after Thanksgiving, and is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This pivotal launch of the traditional holiday season has inched closer and closer to occurring on Thanksgiving Day itself. It is vital that you post on this day and that you even develop momentum leading up to it. Tell your social media audience all about your special promotions going on, share your door prizes, or other sales unique to your business. Don’t forget to tell your customers your adjusted hours, if you have changed them from your regular hours of operation.

Small Business Saturday (applicable, of course, to only those operating a small to mid-size business, this day was brought to life by businesses who felt they were losing sales to monster chain stores. The focus is to celebrate the local flavor of companies around you by purchasing their wares: the mom and pop shops who might be struggling in the wake of such monstrosities like Wal-Mart and Best Buy. If you fall into this category, start planning well in advance to advertise your business and offer incentives to your customers to keep them streaming through the doors.

As encouragement to ratchet online sales, Cyber Monday was born, and it denotes exactly what you think it does. Every conceivable company that has something to sell you on the Internet is going to do so. Plot out how you will compete and what you will sell online. Then craft your posts to build up to the exciting day and launch! Practice the art of scarcity, of suspense and of limited time only, and watch your traffic and engagement skyrocket!

Free Shipping Day. This holiday phenomenon occurs in December and exists as a ploy to entice customers to shop with you; it might even push your hesitant customers over the edge, into a “what the heck” mindset. Offering free shipping means you make it simple and attractive to do business with you. It also implies you understand incremental costs like shipping add up, and communicating that important point earns you potential brand loyalists excited to shop with you repeatedly.

Once the holidays are over, keep on posting! From December 26-31, motivated and shrewd shoppers still seek after-the-holidays sales, and some even start to stock up for next year! As a viable business, you will even be expected to join the throng of companies trumping their promotions and exclusive offers. Share your goodness with your social followers and let them in on all the advantages of shopping with you.

Oct 20

You Don’t Need a Blanket Social Media Budget Approach

Everyone is a social media expert these days. Or so they say. Offering go-viral quick schemes, promising thousands of followers and near-fame status.

They drum up a tidy little marketing plan and it includes a budget to buy you reach. They pledge to put their hottest specialists on your product and these so-called specialists will crank out on-brand posts for your pages.

It sounds like they’ve got it all figured out.

But there’s one problem. With everyone claiming to be a social media expert, the real experts are harder to find. You’ll also learn the strategies these companies peddle won’t meet the goals (just check the analytics at the end of the month).

One common recommendation these “experts” give is to make sure every single one of your posts is boosted. They give you a princely sum to spend and advise you to chop it up, applying boosts to every post that will air each month.

Ask yourself…do you really want every thing you broadcast socially boosted? Aren’t some posts more important than others? Specifically, the ones that have to do with your business: promotions, new store openings, a fresh product hitting the streets? You will have some filler posts during the month. Mother’s Day, for instance. Get out there and wish all the moms a happy day in the form of a digital card, but throwing money at that card, when it’s not in-line with your growth strategy? That’s not an investment in your marketing.

Pictures from the grand opening of a new store, a limited-time only sale, guest bloggers, contests, and any other post that represents a digital piece from your company’s marketing calendar: these are example of posts for which you should pay for reach. When you adapt this tactic you’ll find that your users and “likers” have a better understanding of your brand, that you are regarded as cohesive, predictable and professional.

Applying a strategic budget approach will not only save you money, it will strengthen your perception in the marketplace as you grow your engagement. And accomplishing that goal is far more desirable than paying for reach, which only delivers a scant reward.

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