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Nov 03

Have a PC Holiday: Developing Your Seasonal Posts to Engage, Not Offend

Gone are the days of wishing someone a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, and while you may identify with a particular faith and a wish to bestow your excitement of a celebration with your network of people, carrying over this practice to your business in this modern age, will most certainly damage your business. But …

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Sep 23

Like, Comment, & Share: Is it Effective or Not?

Diversity of Casual People Communication Technology Concept

In the world of social media, Facebook is arguably the most universally accepted platform for reaching out to your customers directly.When it comes to strategies for Facebook follower generation, there are several methods that have proven effective for businesses seeking more “Likes” and subscribers. This time, we’ll be focusing on the “Like, Comment, & Share” …

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Jan 23

No one is Listening, What are you going to do about it?

Billions of people are registered on Facebook, millions are daily users gathering their news, staying in touch with friends and family and updating their friends on the latest experiences in their life. To marketers they look at this as an opportunity to get in front of thousands of prospects weekly. Your build you page, connect …

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