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Jun 20

Social Media is like Networking

  Many small business owners are still wondering what social media marketing really is, and are unsure of how to utilize it for their business and what to post when they do finally make the plunge to get on a social media platform. Social media is simple: It’s word of mouth marketing in the online sphere. If …

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Feb 02

Manifestation Marketing

So, you’ve attracted your desired lover, your desired social media platform and community. Now, we are going to dive a little deeper into manifesting marketing for your business. The most important skill that is necessary to possess here is imagination. Manifestation is about releasing your egotistical 3D world view, and playing pretend. The more you …

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Oct 20

You Don’t Need a Blanket Social Media Budget Approach

Everyone is a social media expert these days. Or so they say. Offering go-viral quick schemes, promising thousands of followers and near-fame status. They drum up a tidy little marketing plan and it includes a budget to buy you reach. They pledge to put their hottest specialists on your product and these so-called specialists will …

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Feb 13

Instagram Marketing the Whys and Hows


When Instagram started it was just a place for users to post pictures for their fellow followers to like and comment on, but why has it become such a marketing tool? Marketers have learned through the years the impact of having visuals for demographics. Logos, billboards, T.V. advertisements have been around for a long time …

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Dec 06

Changing Technology Requires a Company to Stay Competitive

When looking at the business world and comparing the companies who continue to grow and prosper, it always seems to be the companies who can adapt to changes in technology.

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