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Jun 20

Social Media is like Networking

  Many small business owners are still wondering what social media marketing really is, and are unsure of how to utilize it for their business and what to post when they do finally make the plunge to get on a social media platform. Social media is simple: It’s word of mouth marketing in the online sphere. If …

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Jan 09

Responding to a Socially Connected Network, the Do’s & Don’t’s

Every company I know wants their social media network to actively engage with their company, it should be the goal of a social media campaign. However, all to often I have seen companies both large and small who build and create an active network and then do something stupid to ruin the community that has …

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Jun 22

The Group Networking Game of LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups

It’s no secret that social networking takes time and effort. LinkedIn is no different when it comes to social networking. You don’t build your network over night, it takes time to connect with the right people and establish a relationship with them. A great way to get your foot in the door is by getting …

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Jan 06

Ten Ways to Make Money with your Social Media Contacts

Wow! What a question to start off the new year. The going trend of Marketing is to think of ROI and ‘ME’, the company. While we all agree customers are very important, at the end of the day we mostly focus on how the company feels, what the company has to offer, how much is …

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Apr 15

Social Media Attention Span

The Social Media website Facebook has done in nine short months what it took television 13 years to do – build a network of 50 million users.

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