Jun 15

The Stalker, the Lurker, and the Influencer

A guy walks into a bar…

Just kidding! He’s surfing Facebook in the comfort of his pajamas at home. He comes across funny posts, news, articles about sex and photos of his friends families.

He reads every posts he comes across, he checks out every picture within his friends list – in detail might I add – carefully reading the sentences word for word, but he never comments, likes or shares anything. In fact, if you went to his personal Facebook profile, there likely little on his page except a occasional profile picture update and possibly an article or two. But, once he’s done surfing the endless posts on his news feed, he goes to a website from one of the articles he read and purchases a whopping $400 product off the site.

First, what type of social media user would you classify him as?

Secondly, how do you as a company brand know that you’ve reached him?

He didn’t come from a link you posted, he didn’t click an Ad or go through a referral link.

Want the “Bragger Answer”?

We’d classify him as a lurker. These types of individuals typically have a “c” type personality according to disc personality profiling. They are the types that you’d never know existed on social media platforms, until they see you in person and regurgitate the last six months of your life to you. You’d think, Wow! Bizarre that this person has been paying attention to all my posts, but never interacting with them!

Lurkers are a very common type of social media user, yet the hardest to detect. Why? Well because you never really know they exist unless they want you to – whether it be an in-person conversation with a friend or a website purchase.

As a company/brand, how do you know what type of information is reaching these individuals and what moves them along the funnel to make a purchase?

They will literally study your posts for months, look at your pages often, criticize everything you post, know all there is to know about the products or services you are selling and then make a purchase. Sometimes the outcast is small, sometimes it is large. They are often loyal and repeat customers. They will take the conversation offline, and talk about your brand to their family and friends.

So how do you know you’re really reaching them? This is where a mixed content strategy comes into play. A dose of information, a touch of sales posts, and some interactive/entertaining posts go a long way to keep this type of social user engaged.

The influencer personality is easy to identify on social networking. They are vocal about what brands they like, and are typically early adopters with an influence over their circle of friends – however large or small it might be. People trust their opinions and advice. They offer reviews, they like and comment on posts that appeal to them, and they will share select posts to their network. They are typically outgoing in real life and tend to be the life of the party wherever they go. These are the types of users you want to have carrying your brand/company’s message often because their advice is trusted.

The stalker is fairly easy to identify as well (and no we aren’t talking about the real life, spooky stalker type). We are strictly speaking to the behavior they exhibit online. The stalker is typically fairly easy to identify as well. They will literally like every single post you make on your page. They comment on everything and they will share it no matter what it’s about. They aren’t as calculated as the lurker and don’t have the influence over their network as the influencer, mainly because they post everything so their network has “tuned them out”. They tend to not be as loyal of a customer and jump from brand to brand, not making as many purchases as the lurker or influencer.

As a brand/company, it’s essential to understand your audience and their behavior types. Tune into online and offline conversations, purchase behaviors, and the metrics within your social media campaigns. For more insights on buyer behavior and reaching multiple online personality types, follow us on the Business Bragger Blog.

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