Feb 04

Utilizing the Law of Attraction through Social Media Sites… Attract Who You Want to do Business with!

Dear fellow creators of life experience,

As we have already intuitively comprehended: The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration apply to all spectrums of universal life form. With the global coverage of social media platform, we must understand how to utilize these two laws for the greatest good.

The words we speak have energetic frequencies and carry the ability to align our experiences, emotions, and thought processes. We must integrate consciousness of these laws in the name of Source and Love.

Social Media is a utensil to increase your manifestation rituals, as well as raise the vibrational frequency of society on Earth.

The more authenticity and intention you possess, the more your social media platform will blossom.

Intend to be an oasis of joy and passion, for joy and genuine passion has the highest vibration that will attract an abundance of loyalty and support. Joy resides within your essence of truth—intend to express your pureness and you will attract an audience of soul-followers and networkers. Fearlessly expressing your passions will better your relationship with the community you’re constructing and help it stay alive, exciting, and prospering.

Everyone involved with the experience you’re manifesting will be replenished with the highest form of energy you are initiating. Achieve this through mindfulness—the colors and design of your platform creates the feng shui. This is yet another tool you can consciously use to benefit your desired outcome.

Do not create ideologies what you think people want to see—that is not your truth. Do not fear the imaginative wonderland streaming from your infinite power of Love.

Joy has the power to abolish any blockages your platform may endure, and captivate all of your desires.

Social Media has been drawn into the bothersome nature of egos, by focusing upon drama. Social Media is global and conveniently manipulated to spread melodramatic sagas that elevate fear-bodies.

Be cautious not to entertain this, and instead—decide to detach your mission from drama entirely.

To properly manifest your positive passions and imaginations, release the pursuit of making everyone happy. To rapidly manifest, one must dwell in the highest energetic living [induced by joy].

If you dwell in compassion, an audience of warm, Love and heart-space connection will be energetically drawn to you.

Bring your intentions to creative consciousness, focus solely on that, and that is what will be.

You have prosperous, knowledgeable and healing wisdom. Remain playful with your interests and creative prudence, and continue to learn from diving deeper into it. The Universe is here to support you, as you pass your awareness to others.

Thoth [traditionally pronounced Te-HO-tet] is the Egyptian god of writing, manifestation, astronomy, and esoteric arts. Consult Thoth for assistance in regards to any writing endeavor, or to gain further understanding and proficiency with manifestation principles.

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